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slova písně: Secret Lover

hudba: Jiří Vondráček

text: Lucie Strýčková

So many days
I´ve kept my secret
I am so happy can´t you
See my heart is dancing
I fell in love
Would you believe it
But he´s so bashful
so I only see him hiding
I know he´s there
Watching me from a distance
If only I knew his plans
He´s my secret lover
If I knew what´s he like
Then I ´d soon discover
The way to his timid heart
Oh it´s so hard
The unknown dwells
Higher than birds fly
Under the sky with shining
Stars and silver moonlight
I fell in love
And I feel so fine
But he passes me by
Not showing what he feels
Why´s he so shy
If only he would even try
Smiling when he passing by
He´s my secret lover
If I knew what´s he like
Secret lover
Once bitten twice as shy
Please hang on a while
Secret lover
If I knew what´s he like
He´s my secret lover
Once bitten twice as shy
Truly secret lover
Will be
Still keep on hiding
He knows I like him
And I´m still waiting
For theday when I for the first time
will be kissing him
and all my dreams ´ll come true

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