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slova písně: E. T.

hudba: Jiří Vondráček

text: Lucie Strýčková

One big question
I had in my head
What is out there?
Will some huge flying saucer
land right outside my flat
Then there´ll be something
Moving inside
In the light
I can see that´s my green
Unsightly E.T.
Enter my privacy
Welcome here
Bring me news
From all our galaxy
I can see you have been
Travelling so long
You´re so strong
Now I know the things I wished to know
They are out there
Travelling over a hundred light years
To see our world
The one who will be deserted here
Oh, my dear
Lost in the universe
Let me wipe all your tears
Don´t be scared
In my world you can stay
Live and play
Back to your galaxy
Would you fly from me?
E.T. don´t leave me
Now I wish
All these things weren´t true
They´ll come for you
Why you have to go
I am your friend
I don´t want to
I don´t know what to say
Eyes full of tears
Say goodbye
Opening all my doors
Let you go
Say hello to your star
In the dark
You remain in my heart
Now it´s time to go
E.T. love you so

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